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Asian Art

This online journal includes information about galleries and exhibitions in North America, Asia and Europe and also contains a large collection of images of Asian art.

Association for Asian Performance Image Library

Focuses on Asian, particularly Southeast Asian, theater, film, and performance. The site offers an image and video database of past and present performances as well as links to other Asian news and performance sites.

Black Ships and Samurai: Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan (1853-1854), MIT

An MIT open source site on Japanese-American interactions at the time of Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan in 1853 with excellent visual material and good historical commentary by John Dower.

Cambodian Genocide Project, Yale University

Focuses on the genocide of 1975-79 under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime. Includes photographs, maps of Cambodia , links to other publications, Khmer Rouge documents, and transcripts from the proceedings of the Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal.

China and Europe 1500-2000 and Beyond: What is “Modern"? with Ken Pomeranz and Bin Wong, Columbia University

A multimedia teaching unit presented by Asia for Educators. Includes video clips of Pomeranz and Wong, timelines, maps, images, and more.

Claire Holt Papers, Cornell University

This site features approximately 1,780 slides depicting Indonesian life and culture taken from 1930-1969 during Claire Holt’s visits to Indonesia.  Categories include architecture, ceremonies, theater, landscape, painting, and sculpture. Holt’s biography as well as brief descriptions of the featured artists in the collection are also available.

Cornell University Teahouse Project

This site presents photos and videos of the construction of a Japanese teahouse on the Cornell campus in Spring 2003.  Also includes background information on the Japanese tea ceremony, teahouse architecture, and tea gardens.

Cross Currents, University of Hawaii

A bilingual Japanese-English site that enables students to explore Japan , the US , and the similarities and differences between them. Topics include agriculture, employment, industries, labor unions, workplaces, and women. Includes photographs for each subject explored.

Edo: Art in Japan 1615-1868, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

A teaching guide to Japanese art in the Edo period. Subject categories include style, samurai, entertainment, and religion. A glossary, list of teaching activities, and references to further readings are also included.

Education About Asia

The “Supplemental Online Materials" section of the Association for Asian Studies Education About Asia website includes images and other materials that relate to the essays, articles, and reviews featured in the print version of the magazine.

Formosa Images, Reed College

A vast array of images of nineteenth century Taiwan . The pictures — divided into five sections: architecture, landscape, implements, people, and boats — are searchable by photographer.

Japan and the Allied Occupation, Ohio State University

An extensive array of images and documents from the Allied Occupation of Japan. The images are sorted by region, with a focus on Tokyo and rural areas. The documents include a history of the Supreme Commander of Allied Powers (SCAP), SCAP documents, and letters from Japan during the Occupation.

Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

Presented by Stefan Landsberger (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University), this website includes around 1,700 images of Chinese propaganda posters dating from 1949 to the present, additional background on the majority of the posters, and suggestions for further reading. The posters are searchable by topic or artist.

Ling long Women’s Magazine

Columbia University ’s C. V. Starr East Asian Library provides over 200 digitized issues of this 1930s Shanghai women’s magazine online.


Primarily a retail website dedicated to selling posters, this site features images of around 1,000 mid to late twentieth century Chinese propaganda posters, with a focus on the Mao era. The posters are organized by category and each poster is accompanied by English language translations of text.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC), Image Archive, Ohio State University

A collection of images, primarily photographs, from the late-Qing to the present. Maintained by Kirk A. Denton at Ohio State University , the MCLC Resource Center website includes articles, images, and bibliographies of English-language sources on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture. This site also maintains a mailing list that facilitates discussion about the culture of twentieth and twenty-first century China .

The Mongols in World History, Columbia University

See the “image gallery" for related images. A teaching unit presented by Asia for Educators in consultation with Morris Rossabi. Topics explored include “The Mongols’ Mark on Global History," Mongol conquests, the Mongols in China , key figures in Mongol history, and the pastoral nomadic lifestyle.

Morning Sun, Long Bow Group

Companion website to the Long Bow Group’s film about China ’s Cultural Revolution. Features an excellent collection of primary materials, including music clips, personnel files, pamphlets, quotations from Mao Zedong, and much more.

The Hedda Morrison Photographs of China , 1933-1946, Harvard-Yenching Library

The Hedda Morrison Photograph Collection of China includes 5,000 photographs (as well as 10,000 negatives mounted in albums) taken in Beijing by Morrison between 1933 and 1946. This site includes background on Hedda Morrison and copies of all images. The images are available online by searching the VIA system.

Photography of Occupied Japan 1948-1951, Ohio State University

This site is a collection of photographs taken in post-WWII Japan by an anthropologist and member of the American occupation forces.  Photographs are grouped in themed portfolios and supplemented by detailed descriptions of each theme and setting.

Picture China

Picture China is the photoblog of Dan Eckstein, a New York-based photographer. Eckstein’s photos of contemporary China are organized both by location and topic heading. Each group of photos is followed by a few paragraphs of commentary from the photographer. Viewers are also allowed to leave their own comments.

Picturing Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution, The Ohio State University, College of the Arts

Online exhibition of Cultural Revolution posters from a 1999 traveling exhibition that originated at Indiana University .

Portrait Gallery, University of Texas at Austin

Portraits of historical figures, arranged alphabetically by name. Most of the figures represented here are European or Western, but the collection does include portraits of several major figures in early modern and modern Asian history.

Shanghai Living Photo Exhibition

Features photographs of contemporary Shanghai residents by photographer Hu Yang.

Shaping of the Modern World: Portraits, Brooklyn College

Arranged mostly chronologically, then by country. Includes portraits of the Qianlong Emperor, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, and Deng Xiaoping, among others.

Silk Road Seattle, University of Washington

Explains the history and culture of the Silk Road and includes image galleries of art along the Silk Road. Also contains a map quiz, select primary documents, and annotated bibliographies dealing with the Silk Road.

SEAsite: Southeast Asia Picture DataBase, Northern Illinois University

This section of the SEAsite website includes pictures dating from 1970 from the major Southeast Asian countries; most photos are of buildings or scenes from daily life.

The Song Dynasty in China (960-1279): Life in the Song Seen Through a 12 th-century Scroll, Columbia University

A multimedia teaching unit presented by Asia for Educators. Includes images of the Beijing qingming handscroll from the National Palace Museum in Beijing . Topics explored include economic growth, commercialization, urbanization, intellectual life, and social changes.

Teaching With Documents: The War in Vietnam — A Story in Photographs, The National Archives

A teaching unit that centers around thirteen photos from 1966-1968.

A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization, Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington

A collection of images and visual resources by period and topic; includes a vast collection of maps, discussion questions, and guides for teachers.

Women's Magazines from the Republican Period, Barbara Mittler, University of Heidelberg

Features introductions to and select images from several women’s magazines published in China from 1911-1941. Also includes a bibliography.

Yin Yu Tang A Chinese Home, Peabody Essex Museum

Yin Yu Tang is a late Qing dynasty merchants’ home from southeastern China that has been re-erected at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem , Massachusetts . The website features animation that allows users to move through the house, footage of the village, the house, and its dismantling, images of the interior structure of the house and its belongings, audio interviews, and more.

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