Links Listed by Type of Resource: Primary Sources

Archives: Contemporary Okinawa by John Michael Purves

Contains Japanese documents dating back to the 1889 Constitution through 2004. The documents are divided into several sections: Prewar and Wartime Documents, Postwar Japan-U.S. Documents, Postreversion Japan-U.S. Documents, and Other Resources. Full text is available for most of the documents.

Asia for Educators, Columbia University

Features a wide range of classroom materials and faculty guides for teaching about East Asia at the K-12 and undergraduate levels. Includes multimedia teaching units, primary sources, timelines, and more.

Birth of the Constitution of Japan

This online exhibition on the writing of the Japanese Constitution is sponsored by the National Diet Library. It focuses on the major events and documents surrounding the framing of the Constitution. The site also contains archives, a glossary, information on historical figures, a chronological table, and additional links.

Black Ships and Samurai: Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan (1853-1854), MIT

An MIT open source site on Japanese-American interactions at the time of Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan in 1853 with excellent visual material and good historical commentary by John Dower.

Cambodian Genocide Project, Yale University

Focuses on the genocide of 1975-79 under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime. Includes transcripts from the proceedings of the Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal, Khmer Rouge documents, photographs, maps of Cambodia , and links to other publications.

China and the United States : From Hostility to Engagement, 1960-1998," Digital National Security Archive

This collection includes over 2,000 government documents (mostly from 1969-1998) related to US-China relations. Includes information about documents and a historical overview. In order to view documents, users must be able to access the ProQuest database.

Chinese Cultural Studies: Texts, Brooklyn College

A wide selection of translated Chinese texts. Includes a large number of Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist works. Other primary and secondary sources for Chinese culture are also listed.

Chinese Philosophical E-text Archive, Wesleyan University

Provides electronic versions of Chinese philosophical works (in Chinese) and additional information on the texts. Divided into three searchable categories: Pre-Qing, Song through Mid-Qing, and Late Qing and Republic.

Cold War International History Project, Woodrow Wilson Center

Contains a large selection of primary source documents from the Cold War era.  The archive is searchable by collection or geographic location.  The virtual archive titled “The Cold War in Asia" includes approximately thirty transcribed conversations and documents detailing China and Korea’s activities during the Cold War.

Constitution Finder, University of Richmond

Constitutions and related documents, organized by country.

Diamond Sutra, British Library

By selecting the “The Oldest Printed ‘Book’" users can view a digitized version of the Diamond Sutra hand scroll, the world’s oldest dated printed book (868 CE). Users can move backward and forward through the scroll. Requires broadband connection and a Shockwave plug-in (downloadable from the site).

Digital National Security Archive

Documents on U.S. policy, including relationships with China , Japan , and Vietnam .

Formosa Texts, Reed College

A wide selection of nineteenth century documents and texts written by Europeans and North Americans recounting their experiences in Taiwan .

Internet East Asian History Sourcebook, Fordham University

A wide range of primary documents and images from Fordham’s Internet History Sourcebooks Project.

Japan and the Allied Occupation, Ohio State University

An extensive array of images and documents from the Allied Occupation of Japan. The images are sorted by region, with a focus on Tokyo and rural areas. The documents include a history of the Supreme Commander of Allied Powers (SCAP), SCAP documents, and letters from Japan during the Occupation.

Japan and the United States : Diplomatic, Security, and Economic Relations, 1960-1976," Digital National Security Archive

This collection includes over 2,000 government documents related to US-Japan relations. Includes information about documents and a historical overview. In order to view documents, users must be able to access the ProQuest database.

Ling long Women’s Magazine

Columbia University ’s C. V. Starr East Asian Library provides over 200 digitized issues of this 1930s Shanghai women’s magazine online.

Morning Sun, Long Bow Group

Companion website to the Long Bow Group’s film about China ’s Cultural Revolution. Features an excellent collection of primary materials, including music clips, personnel files, pamphlets, quotations from Mao Zedong, and much more.

The National Security Archive, George Washington University

Online access to U.S. national security documents, including those on China and East Asia.

Silk Road Seattle, University of Washington

A collection of historical texts and Silk Road narratives. The site also includes image galleries, a map quiz, and annotated bibliographies dealing the Silk Road.

Shenbao Index, Institute of Chinese Studies , University of Heidelberg

Electronic index to the early (1872-1888) years of the Shanghai-based Chinese-language newspaper Shenbao. Database is searchable in both Chinese and English.

UCLA Center for East Asian Studies

Documents from the UCLA Center for East Asian Studies website. Also contains film guides, curriculum materials, links and programs.

Using Primary Sources on the Web, University of Washington

An online resource that explains primary sources, how to find and evaluate them (includes a list of primary source links), and how to correctly cite them in papers.

Vietnam Today: A Different War - The New York Times

Compiles both new and archived articles, expert reflections, and timelines on the Vietnam War and its effects over the past quarter-century.  The newspaper waives its usual fee for accessing archived articles for pieces on this site.  The multimedia feature includes interviews and photos from modern-day Vietnam.

The Wars for Vietnam – Vassar College

This site includes a good overview of the Vietnam War and about twenty primary source documents dating from the 1954 Geneva Peace Accords to the 1973 Paris Accords ending the war between the US and North Vietnam. Also has a well-organized links page.

World History Matters, George Mason University

George Mason’s Center for History and New Media site offers an extensive collection of primary sources ranging from digital historical images and objects to primary texts. The site also includes guides on how to analyze types of sources and how to teach primary sources.

Yale East Timor Project

Features transcripts from the East Timor Tribunal as well as a large collection of databases, pictures of East Timor dating from 1972-2000, satellite images, articles, and an extensive bibliography.

Yin Yu Tang A Chinese Home, Peabody Essex Museum

Yin Yu Tang is a late Qing dynasty merchants’ home from southeastern China that has been re-erected at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem , Massachusetts . The website features animation that allows users to move through the house, footage of the village, the house, and its dismantling, images of the interior structure of the house and its belongings, audio interviews, and more.

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